Rick Goetz is an artist manager and marketing professional with deep roots in the music industry. His diverse experiences have given him insight into the complexities of making music and making a living making music from both the artist’s and executive’s perspectives.   It was managing and playing in a group while at NYU that led him to his work within the major label system, developing talent and releasing, marketing, and distributing albums, singles, and music videos. He has worked for Lava/Atlantic, and Elektra, and EMI, with artists including Kid Rock, Matchbox 20 and Sarah Brightman, and on television shows including Sesame Street, and Psychic Detectives. Since leaving the major labels in 2007, he has handled music clearances for Mood Media / Musak and major marketing campaigns for a range of artists, from young, local, and aspiring bands, to multi-platinum, international superstars. He is currently an artist manager at Red Light Management. In recent years he has been a guest speaker at SXSW, The Recording Academy, CMJ and The New Music Seminar.